The Benefits of Interior Glass

The aesthetic benefit of glass allows for it to be used inside the home as well as outside, with many people opting to use it for different interior functions.  From walls to flooring and kitchen cabinets to banisters, glass is now deemed an essential part of interior design and can complement and improve the appearance of any room.

This trend is also very accommodating because glass is a versatile material that can fit into practically any design style, from Victorian to contemporary. With this in mind, we are going to take a peek at a couple of homes that are being discussed on cool design blogs to hopefully provide readers with inspiration on how they could integrate glass into their own home.

To kick things off we are going all the way to Melbourne, Australia to take a look at the Cubby House; a renovated apartment that was brought to our attention by the fantastic design blog ‘We Heart’. As the images below reveal, the apartment’s interior makes great use of glass.  We especially like the banister on the landing and the single pane of glass used to separate the shower room.

Cubby House Landing

The opulent YTL Residence in Kuala Lumpur is home to a Malaysian power family and uses glass throughout the interior to enhance the already spacious feel of the rooms. Glass was used in almost every single room and provides an open plan feel to an interior that has over a dozen rooms. The best illustration of this is the master bedroom which is divided from the ensuite bathroom with a sliding glass wall (pictured below). More images of this outstanding property can be viewed on the ‘Cool Hunter’ blog here.

Bedroom in YTL Residence

Pilkington provide glass for all kinds of exceptional properties, as our involvement with leading Australian architect, Malcolm Carver’s, tree house demonstrates. Carver constructed his tree house entirely out of glass using Pilkington materials to create walkways, staircases and interior walls. He used Pilkington Activ self cleaning class to construct the building’s exterior to minimise the cleaning regime and keep the structure in pristine condition.

Situated at MacMasters Beach on the North Central Coast of New South Wales, the house is perched on stilts among eucalyptus trees, metres above the steeply sloping ground level, a fabulous location but one that would otherwise multiply the cleaning problems.

MacMasters Tree House Interior

Carver described the performance of the glass as ‘phenomenal’: “We have never had to clean it even though we are right by the ocean with its salt-laden winds and mist,” he said. “There is also the debris and sap falling from the surrounding eucalypts, along with bird droppings and other soiling, but the first rain shower along strips it all as clean as a whistle it always looks as if the window cleaners have just left!”

Tree House Exterior

The buildings featured in this blog post show that using glass in less traditional ways can add style and substance to your living space. From a standard apartment like Cubby House to more opulent dwellings, glass,/strong> can be deployed to meet the expectations of any imagination and Pilkington can help homeowners realise these visions.

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